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Legislative / Regulatory Alerts

Contact: Brad Barnum / Executive Vice President - 858-731-8158

AGCSD Legislative / Regulatory Alerts

June 5, 2017

As we reported to you in April, state legislation passed last year requires contractors and subcontractors at every tier to have a "skilled and trained workforce" on three specific delivery methods on public works projects: design-build, best-value, and lease-lease back. SB 693 defines a skilled and trained workforce as having all the workers be either registered apprentices or skilled journeypersons, and have a certain percentage of those journeypersons graduate from a state-approved apprentice program.

Effective January 1, 2017 at least 30% of the skilled journeypersons must have graduated from an approved apprenticeship program. The percentage increases 10% annually, until it reaches 60% on January 1, 2020.

Public agencies and contractors have new responsibilities under SB 693. AGC has prepared a contract document/spec for public agency use, which hopefully will provide more consistency in the local implementation and enforcement. Contractor compliance is important, so AGC also prepared a monthly report that contractors can provide to agencies showing they have complied with the apprenticeship graduation percentage requirements.

The utilization of these documents will be important as SB 693 is implemented throughout the region, and we hope it will lead to some consistency in design-build, best-value, and lease-lease back public works projects.

AGC is a strong advocate for a skilled and trained workforce, and it is committed to make sure public agencies get the most out of every construction dollar. AGC's apprenticeship program helps create a highly skilled workforce, which results in better built structures and community infrastructure.

If you have any questions about SB 693 and its requirements, please contact:
Brad Barnum, AGC Executive Vice President, (858) 731-8158
Pete Saucedo, AGC Apprenticeship Executive Director, (858) 558-0739
Jeff B. Baird, Esq. or Chad T. Wishchuk, Esq. of Finch, Thornton & Baird, LLP, (858) 737-3100.