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The VOICE of Construction

The Associated General Contractors of America, the voice of the construction industry since 1918, is an organization of qualified construction contractors and industry-related companies dedicated to Skill, Integrity, and Responsibility.

AGC - San Diego Chapter, Inc. has been in existence since 1927. AGC is dedicated to improving the construction industry daily by educating the industry to employ the finest skills, promoting use of the latest technology, and advocating building the best quality projects for owners, both public and private.

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AGC Monday Morning Quarterback

June 7, 2021

Clarification on Revisions to COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard
by Brad Barnum, Executive Vice President

On Friday, an Alert was sent out detailing the approval of Cal/OSHA's Standards Board revised May 28, 2021 COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard. We understand a clarification needs to be made related to face covering requirements when indoors. There are some exceptions to the requirement that all workers, regardless of vaccination status, continue to wear a face covering (see pages 9-10). One particular exception should be highlighted: A face covering is not required when an employee is alone in a room, or when all persons in a room are fully vaccinated and do not have COVID-19 symptoms.


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