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BENEFITS PLUS   Retirement Plans

Employee Medical Plan for Contractors

About the Plan
San Diego AGC’s Employee Medical Plan is designed to help employers attract and retain skilled employees, both administrative and hourly. Think of it as one more tool in your arsenal to remain competitive.

This long-established group Plan – which currently covers more than 2,300 individuals – offers employers a high degree of freedom of choice and cost-saving options. Several differing programs are available under the Plan.

Your company is eligible to join the Plan if it is a member of Associated General Contractors of America, San Diego Chapter Inc., holds an active contractor's license, and is actively engaged in construction.

An employer may choose to cover all of its employees or only its hourly field construction employees.

Hourly Field Construction Employees
All hourly field construction employees must be covered by the Plan unless they are separately covered by collectively bargained plans.

Hourly field construction employees become eligible for coverage the first day of the second month following 130 hours of work within a calendar month.

Contributions must be paid for all hours worked by hourly field construction employees as soon as they begin employment, beginning with the first hour worked.

All Other Employees
Full-time employees reported on a monthly flat rate basis will become eligible for coverage on the first day of the month following completion of an initial waiting period of thirty (30) calendar days or one full calendar month, whichever is less. Full-time status is defined as 130 hours per calendar month.

Employers have the option of covering all or none of their other employees who work between 86 hours and 129 hours per month.

Apprenticeship Program
The AGC Apprenticeship Program is designed to meet the needs of open-shop contractors who train apprentices on State of California public works projects, Federal Davis-Bacon, and municipal and private construction projects throughout California.

Contractors must participate in this plan if you are a member of San Diego AGC and participate in the AGC Apprenticeship Program. The Apprentice Plan provides excellent healthcare coverage to your AGC apprentices at highly competitive rates.


Most Commonly Asked Questions

  • Is the Plan approved by the DOL and IRS?
    Yes. The Plan is approved by the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service. It is a bona fide plan for federal Davis-Bacon and State of California prevailing-wage work.
  • Is the Plan portable?
    Yes. The AGC Plan follows a participating contractor to all jobs throughout California. It is also possible for employees to maintain eligibility with different participating employers; confirmation of continued eligibility must be requested from the Plan's administrative manager.
  • How many people are required to enroll?
    Under the AGC Plan, you, the employer, must enroll a minimum of two benefits-eligible employees.
  • Who is eligible to participate in the Plan?
    The Plan is available to any San Diego AGC member firm that is an employer actively engaged in the contracting business as a licensed engineering, building, or specialty contractor.
  • Does San Diego AGC handle COBRA and other regulatory compliance obligations?
    Yes. The AGC Plan provides full COBRA administrative services, removing the burden of paperwork from you.
  • Does San Diego AGC process Qualified Medical Child Support Orders (QMCSO)?
    Yes. The AGC Plan will process QMCSO orders and handle the necessary paperwork and communications with the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS). That means you, the employer, will not need to train your administrative staff about QMCSO, or maintain the necessary files.
  • Why should I choose San Diego AGC's Employee Medical Plan over another plan?
    The AGC Plan can offer competitive rates, thanks to the group's size. Also, when you put your money into the Plan, you don't pay payroll taxes on the dollars you've contributed toward health benefits for each covered employee. And your employees will like the Plan's freedom of choice and ease of use.
  • What is the San Diego AGC Chapter's Health and Welfare Trust?
    The Trust administers the AGC Employee Medical Plan. It was conceived and placed into effect by its trustees, themselves AGC contractor members, on April 1, 1984. The Trust's purpose is to provide group medical benefits to AGC contractor members and their administrative and hourly employees.


AGC Employee Medical Plan Trustees

Much of the credit for the AGC Employee Medical Plan's strength stems from the knowledge and experience of the individuals who serve as its trustees. All have served as owners/principals of contracting companies and as active members of San Diego AGC.

Nigel Cary, Chair
Cox Construction Co.
Mitchell Burch
Burch Construction
Jim Summers
EC Constructors, Inc.
Noli Gavino
Hazard Construction
George Kvaas
Kvaas Management Company

Brandon Richie
Soltek Pacific

Kennneth Riha, Retired
Riha Construction Co.


How to enroll
Your company is eligible to join the Plan if it is a member of Associated General Contractors of America, San Diego Chapter Inc., holds an active contractor's license, and is actively engaged in construction.

These insurance-industry professionals are highly qualified, experienced brokers. As active members of San Diego AGC, they are available to provide you with complete information and assistance in enrolling your employees in the AGC Employee Medical Plan.

Corey Klinke
West Coast Group Benefits
(858) 521-7391

Laura Williams
McGriff Insurance Services
(619) 525-2823
Grant C. Jacka
CMR Risk & Insurance Services
(619) 297-3160 ext. 33
Tim Carter
Marsh & McLennan Insurance Agency LLC
(858) 750-4568
John Crawford
Alliant Employee Benefits
(760) 304-7115
Patrick Casinelli
Cavignac & Associates
(619) 234-6848