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Membership Information

AGC - San Diego Chapter, Inc.has been in existence since 1927. AGC is dedicated to improving the construction industry daily by educating the industry to employ the finest skills, promoting use of the latest technology, and advocating building the best quality projects for owners, both public and private. AGC provides its members with a multitude of products, services and features including:

For more information, please contact AGC staff Glen Schaffer or Rae Krushensky at (858) 558-7444.

Construction Fringe Benefits:

    AGC/San Diego Chapter Fringe Funds are provided through three professionally administered trust funds. Trustees are AGC/SD members who have the responsibility to oversee the administration and management of the funds. The funds provide Health & Welfare, Dental, Vision, Insurance and Pension benefits that are customized to the San Diego construction industry. Benefits are provided for both hourly and administrative staff and comply with the California Prevailing Wage and Federal Davis Bacon requirements.

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    • Employee Medical Plan Trust - comprehensive plan that is designed for contractors doing Prevailing Wage and Davis Bacon Act Projects and uses hour bank for hourly field staff.
    • AGC Benefits Plus Plan Trust - benefits are tailored to meet the needs of those contractors not doing prevailing wage projects and Affiliate Members.
    • AGC/SD 401 (k) / Profit Sharing Retirement Plan Trust - designed specifically to deposit fringe benefit funds and meet the Prevailing Wage and Davis Bacon Act requirements and can be customized to fit any and all companies needs.

Merit Shop Apprenticeship Training for the Construction Industry:

AGC's Apprenticeship Program trains over 800 apprentices each year in the following crafts: Carpentry, Drywall, Lath & Plaster, Painting, Tile Setting, Cement Masonry, Laborers and Operating Engineers.

AGC Online Plan Room Service:

AGC's Online Plan Room provides members complete access to bidding projects, both public and private, including plans and specifications in San Diego, Imperial, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties, and some projects within other Southern California areas.

This service is included in all AGC San Diego Chapter memberships or can be purchased separately by non-AGC members.

The AGC Online Plan Room contains the following features:

  • Easy viewing of project information
  • Color code projects for easy tracking
  • Unique keyword search to quickly find projects
  • Saved search feature for quickly locating projects by owner, county, city, etc.
  • View or download project documents
  • Easily send project documents to a printer
  • Email bidders
  • Add your firm to the bidders list as a General Contractor, Subcontractor or Supplier
  • Add project to your calendar
  • Mapping with Google Maps
  • Supports three take-off programs
  • Plus More!

    Labor Relations

    AGC staff has 25+ years experience providing labor relations assistance to union and non union contractors. Staff will assist in everything from grievances, to prevailing wage problems to picketing, dual gates, labor negotiation, etc.

    Government & Industry Relations

    The AGC's Government Relations committee sets AGC construction positions on a variety of key issues. The PAC committee interviews, endorses and raises critical funding, (over one million dollars in the last 3 years), to support these candidates that are pro construction and pro business.

    AGC is the only association that meets quarterly with the following agencies: Navy, County of San Diego, City of San Diego, Department of Transportation - Caltrans, San Diego Unified Port District, San Diego Unified School District


    AGC provides expert safety services and employs full time safety professionals that assist members with:

    • CPR/First Aid Training
    • Jobsite Workplace Inspections
    • Jobsite Specific Training
    • Health and Safety Committees
    • Video Library
    • Safety Certificate Program
    • Cal/OSHA Liaison Luncheons
    • Safety and Health Consultations
    • Customized Written Programs
    • Fall Protection/Tower Training

    Five to six courses regarding safety awareness and certification are offered each month.

    Construction Education & Training/Employee Development

    Each year, AGC trains hundreds of our members and their employees in educational seminars. These classes are regularly scheduled to meet your needs and to continually improve the skills of your employees.

    Seminars Include: Supervisory Training, Construction Business and Management, Executive Leadership Training, Project management, Construction Techniques and Practices and Timberline Software Training.

    Meetings and Events

    There is a large variety of AGC sponsored events that allow our members to come together to network, to strengthen and enhance relationships and enjoy common interests in relaxed settings. All of the events are very popular. These opportunities include:

    • Spring and Winter Conferences
    • Annual Award Programs
    • Golf Tournaments - Spring & Summer
    • Annual Baseball Bash
    • Specialty Contractor's SDSU Tailgate
    • Annual Day at the Races
    • Meet Your General Contractor Luncheons
    • Mixers
    • Family Night
    • Holiday Dinner Dance and more


    As an AGC member, you will receive a number of publications that keep your firm informed. The publications include:

    • "Monday Morning Quarterback"

    Every Monday, our Monday Morning Quarterback is emailed to all our members which is designed to give our members a quick, to the point, Monday morning briefing on the important issues facing San Diego's construction industry.

    Other forms of Communications are:

    • Safety Newsletter
    • Education Training Catalog
    • San Diego Constructor Newsletter
    • AGC Directory
    • AGC Annual Report

    AGC Website

    Also bookmark our website You will find many of your questions answered and our website is a great information tool for all your employees to utilize.

    Members Goods & Services

    Our motto is, "It's good business to do business with an AGC member", therefore, we add the goods and services of our members and list these on our website.

    AGC San Diego's Vision and Mission Statement


    AGC's vision is to promote a better industry for the professionals who build San Diego's future.


    AGC is dedicated to promoting opportunity, free enterprise, skill, integrity, and responsibility among San Diego professionals by:

    1. Elevating the art of construction
    2. Educating its members
    3. Advocating for members needs with public owners and policy makers
    4. Improving the image of the construction profession
    5. Providing equal opportunity in employment and subcontracting
    6. Improving its community